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  1. It's ok, you should be competitive for at a least a few of those programs. However not everything can be deduced from resume. SOP, recommendations and how you present your research and research aptitude are just as important, if not more.
  2. Don't bother unless you have some ridiculously good publications. Also your GPA is below minimum for many schools. For most of them its a hard criteria and professors can't do anything about it even if they really really want to. Doesn't mean you shouldn't apply though just don't limit yourself to the top schools.
  3. Assuming you are a native English speaker you definitely should be able to get better scores in Verbal without any GRE specific book or program. You need to figure out what prevents you from getting better scores. Too many stupid mistakes? you need to slow down and review you answers. Have a limited vocab in science or some other specific area? read up on that.
  4. Hi all I am a getting a second masters (for reasons that I prefer not to share). This time around my GPA (currently 3.6) is not as good as the first one (3.9-ish). However I am going to have 2 papers accepted and 2 more submitted by December with even more to come before more thesis defense which will probably be some time next July. Anyways, does a 2nd MSc matter? either bad or good. Also this is my resume and I don't know how to evaluate it since most people don't have 2 MSc, especially not 2 decent ones: Undergrad GPA: 3.1 MSc1: (uni rank: 600-ish) research: CFD and analytical thermal stuff mostly in electrochemical systems GPA: 3.87 MSc2: (uni rank: 100-ish) research: Experimental Microfluidics GPA: Currently 3.57 will go higher for sure but my semester ends in January so not sure if that matters TOEFL: 116 GRE: 170 Q, 160 V, 4.0 AW Publications: 1 journal and 1 conference papers published already (from first MSc), 2 submitted recently and at least 2 more submitted by December (from this MSc) and at the very least 2 more papers to be finished at a later date Recomm: Pretty sure they are very good I only want the top 60, am I crazy?
  5. I have been looking at admission rates for PhD in mechanical engineering at the top 60-ish in order to maybe us that as a tie-breaker when choosing where to apply to. However, almost every single one hover somewhere between 11 to 18 percent regardless if its MIT or Penn State or a UC. There's no pattern either, it's not that the top ones are lower even within this narrow range. Am I missing something? Do they reject just to keep the numbers low?
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