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  1. rphilos, I really did not mean this to be about Trump or his supporters. Calling him a "living rape whistle" was meant to signal the obvious danger he poses both to particular women whom hes encountered and women in general. There is tons of evidence that he is a sexual predator, and without a doubt the Republican party is a danger to women. Going around questioning others' philosophical bona fides, which appears to be all you've done in this thread, is not helpful. To everyone else, thanks for your input.
  2. I'm an MA student in Canada waiting on 15 applications submitted to American PhD philosophy programmes. Since room for international students is typically limited, I'm curious whether there are any non-American students who were intending to apply to American schools but didn't, or who applied to fewer American schools than intended, with the surprise "election" of a living rape whistle to the office of POTUS.
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