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    I am also attending University of Houston this coming Fall. I'm an international student and this would be my first time in the US. I'm super excited, but also kinda scared about this move.
  2. I applied through the free pre reg. I gave up waiting for them since I saw people getting accepted last December and I can't really keep on waiting for all decisions to come since I'm an international student and I need to process a lot of things. Anyway, good luck.
  3. I haven't heard from GA Tech and MSU either, but I already accepted an offer from somewhere else. I wonder what's taking them so long.
  4. Just in case someone is still waiting to hear from University of Rochester. _____________ Admissions offers have been released, however, waitlisted and denied candidate letters have not been released. That information will probably be sent by the end of February. Please let me know if you have additional questions. Best, Robin Clark Graduate Coordinator Chemistry _______________ I was told that I am one of the waitlisted applicants after I replied to ask about my application.
  5. I am an international student. When did you submit your application?
  6. Has anyone here accepted an offer from University of Houston?
  7. I sent the graduate advisor at University of Houston an email last January 12 and was told that there would be a review in later part of January (almost February now). I got my application decision from UH last January 22.
  8. I sent them an email and got this reply: Decisions are made on a rolling basis throughout Jan-Feb. I will reach out to all applications via email once decisions are made. Dr J Hope it helps.
  9. Yeah. People have been accepted, interviewed, and rejected. I don't know how to feel about it anymore.
  10. I sent them an email today and got this reply: "All applications are under review at this time. Offers of admission are typically made by mid-February. Notice of declines will be sent out electronically by late February."
  11. Has anyone heard from Michigan State University? Previous years showed that they release most of their decisions around this time, but haven't seen any acceptances or rejections from the results page lately. Also, is it time to give up hoping on Georgia Institute of Technology, MIT, and University of Rochester? I'm applying for the Organic track.
  12. Me too. I've seen some people receiving offers from 4 out of the 5 universities I applied to. Is it time to panic?
  13. I know someone studying in Princeton now who got lower GRE scores than yours - both for general and subject. You should have pretty great chance in getting in. I hope you get it.
  14. Oh, that should be Q: 153 and V:149. Either way, both are generally red flags - even I see that. Haha. Anyway, I hope I get even just one admission offer. I'll hope for the best (even if it seems unrealistic to hope too much).
  15. I forgot to mention the following in my previous post: I presented in two national conferences with 2 poster presentations and 1 oral presentation. I am also applying to University of Houston. Any thoughts? How heavily weighted are the GRE scores?
  16. Thank you for your reply and now that I think about it, that makes sense (about Oxford). Anyway, I forgot to mention that I also applied to University of Houston. I do hope I get even if only one admission from any of these universities. Thanks.
  17. Undergrad Institution: Top university in the PhilippinesMajor(s): ChemistryMinor(s):GPA in Major: Overall GPA: 92%Position in Class: Type of Student: International (Philippines)GRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 149V: 153W: 4.0S: None TOEFL: R: 22L: 28S: 27 W: 29 Total: 106 Research Experience: 2.5 years as a full time researcher in a Natural Products research laboratory Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Academic Excellence AwardPertinent Activities or Jobs: Researcher and University Instructor (Chemistry)Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help:Special Bonus Points: Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: I got an admission offer for University of Oxford for 2017, but there was no scholarship available and there are no available scholarships from my home country. (Not sure how this might help though.)Applying to Where: (All for Organic Chemistry)Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Pretty ambitious given my low GRE scores.)Michigan State UniversityGeorgia Institute of TechnologyUniversity of Rochester Any ideas or comments or suggestions? Should I expect for an admission from any of these universities or should I just give up? T_T
  18. Really? Awww. What are they looking for then? Tsk. I really wanted to go to Seattle. Tss. I can't go on with my NTU application since they want me to do research that's not in my line of interest. I guess the search continues. How did Northwestern go?
  19. Good for you. I'm not from US, so I figured my chances are pretty slim. I just got an offer from National Taiwan University though, so I'm moving there this year. Good luck on Northwestern; I hope you'll get it. ?
  20. Got my rejection letter from University of Washington today. I guess I'm not meant to start my PhD this year.
  21. @agirlhasn0name Thank you for the info. Gaaah, I'm in the Philippines, it's 2 in the morning here, and I can't sleep. Anyway, I really hope to hear from them soon. At this point, anything from them will be great. Yes or no, at least a word from them will end the anxiety and endless refreshing of e-mail and application page.
  22. Is it bad that I still haven't heard anything from the University of Washington? I completed my application last November 1, 2016 and I saw two or three comments that they already got their admission offers. My anxiety's really bad now. ?
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