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    Hi, I've also lost hope at this point 😥 I guess they've been sending letters to their priority candidates every two weeks, the last ones sent on may 16th or so. It makes sense the last batch of letters will be sent in two weeks from that date, that will be the 31st of may. i don't know. I wonder why they didn't send rejections appropriately on time because they've been lingering us for months now. I guess that's the way it works.

    Wow I'm glad he got in.

    This is the link to check out results:

    That's what I was also thinking, that because they extended the deadline now they're taking more time to review applications. do you know if they've told your friend when is the last day they should be contacting everyone? I contacted them and they told me the end of May, that means we should be receiving any news good or bad, in the next two weeks.

    Hello! geeting a little discouraged here with the lack of news ugh. if like to know how many of us have any news so far: smileyPita namaste (accepted) meltoid tbmsw2017 ashleyep95 jenniuine27 dogz9 A-then-a clementine75 (accepted) kdubb winston isicakes elavan87 ecab (accepted) is this program becoming highly selective or they're wayyy behind with the application process? care to update if you have any news?

    I don't know why they only contacted full and online candidates only. Maybe they're contacting part time candidates the last? I'm not sure what's their reasoning honestly as many of the candidates who had many offers from other institutions have probably had accepted by now. Classes start in August or early September, that's my understanding.

    Hi there! i was wondering if anyone had any news too... also interested to know If anyone got a rejection letter, or have any updates. I honestly don't understand what are they doing. The majority of the candidates must have had accepted other options by now. What are they thinking taking so long to deliver the news, either if it's acceptance or rejection? nothing on my end for now.

    Hi Isicakes, welcome! i think it's not too late to apply for financial aid as I added another school last week and they processed the request two days later. They've been calling from the on campus AND the online program at the same time. I was also hoping the on campus applicants would go first, but someone else commented here she had a friend who got accepted for the online program a month ago or so. lets keep crossing fingers!

    Hello everyone! Welcome Kdubb Winston to the thread! No news from my end and slowly losing hope ugh. Ive been thinking on a plan B, in case this waiting transforms in a rejection. do you guys have been thinking on a plan B as well? Happy Monday everyone!
  10. SJSU MSW

    Hello everyone! San Jose has Rolling admissions, which means they accept people who submitted their applications first. let's say if you applied in November, you will get notifications earlier than those who applied in January. would the people who already got admitted mind sharing when they submitted their apps? I spoke on the phone with the department and the lady told me notifications will be sent from now until the end of May. She could not give me more info. The wait continues for most of us!!
  11. SJSU MSW

    Congratulations Clementine!!! I'm really happy for you thank you so much for the updates! That means they've also started calling for the online program! crossing fingers for everyone else waiting for news, including me!
  12. SJSU MSW

    Athena, you could make a call if you think that will make you feel less anxious. I think they've already started to call/email so it's a matter of days, hopefully.
  13. SJSU MSW

    Namaste, congratulations!!! Which program did you apply? Online or on campus?
  14. SJSU MSW

    Dogz9: Thanks for the clarification about the interview! That makes more sense welcome to this thread!
  15. SJSU MSW

    Hi everyone! Looks like another week has passed with no news, right? I'm bumping up the thread. Happy Friday!