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  1. Pitt GSPIA 2017

    Thanks for the update. This is very encouraging to hear.
  2. Pitt GSPIA 2017

    I absolutely agree. While I do believe I could keep my GPA above a 3.5, I would hate for anything to happen, and I lose my scholarship, especially when I could have gone to another program with a lower GPA requirement. Graduate school is uncharted territory for me, so I really can't be sure. If you hear anything from Pitt about percentile info, please let us know. I will be looking as well.
  3. Pitt GSPIA 2017

    Mine as well. While also working 20hrs a week. I'm not sure how difficult that's going to be. Also, the Heinz scholarship has a 3.0+ GPA requirement and no work requirement, so it is still a good option. I've decided to not make any decisions until I visit Heinz in late March and GSPIA in April. I want to get a really good feel for both programs. I also submitted a form to Heinz asking them to review my scholarship because of a better competing offer (as they told us to do). If that comes through, that may make my decision even easier. We'll see.
  4. Pitt GSPIA 2017

    I received a pretty good package from GSPIA (full tuition, stipend). Before this, I was pretty set on Heinz (CMU), but at this point I am not so sure. Accepting GSPIA's offer would essentially mean I would't have to take out any more loans, but Heinz is a higher ranked program. Anyone in a similar situation?
  5. Does anyone know how likely it is to get a GA position at the Heinz College without qualifying for Federal Work Study? Thanks!