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  1. Backstory: My professor is very reputable in the field. When I started out in his lab as a third-year undergraduate, however, I realized that our personalities were not a good fit. I actually joined his lab a little bit later into the quarter, but when I visited him many times to ask for his assistance in learning about the literature and concepts, for example, he took more of a hands-off approach and would not provide much guidance. I felt flung into a dark forest to fend for myself, and as an undergraduate with no knowledge at the time on any of the topics as well as no knowledge of how rese
  2. I received a formal notification of waitlist status from my top school about 2 weeks ago. However, like many of you, I'm feel the anxiety creeping up as the deadline draws closer. When is it appropriate to directly call the program division coordinator/councilor about your application status? Would it be considered rude/irritating?
  3. Hey that's awesome! Glad to hear you tried and succeeded! Gives me some hope as well. I e-mailed them just now to restate my interest as well as update them on what I've been up to since I've applied. Just hoping admissions actually will see/read it.
  4. I'm waitlisted for my top school at the moment. I've heard from a couple sources that you can e-mail the program to keep in contact and re-state your interest as well as what you've been doing to enhance your success as a student enrolled in the program. I've also read that you can keep contact brief, but polite. Recently, I talked to another professor from the school I'm waitlisted at about his research and the program. I'm wondering if writing a letter to the program division coordinator about the work I've been doing since I submitted application will benefit my chances of being noticed in
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