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  1. NE Fall 2017 Applicants' Thread

    Hey guys! With the "official" deadline approaching I guess we'll be making our decisions soon. Just wanna ask for a small favour here. I'm an international student so I didn't have the opportunity to visit the schools I'm interested in. Right now, I'm looking at umich, uiuc and uwm. Hoping you guys can share about your impressions of these schools? I'm interested in computational reactor physics for Gen4 reactors, or possibly severe accident simulations. Alternatively, you can drop me a PM too. Even a little info would be helpful because I didnt study nuclear engineering for my bachelors so I'm not as familiar with the field and the professors. Thanks in advance!
  2. NE Fall 2017 Applicants' Thread

    Oh congrats on the interview offer! Hope you get in too. I'm an international student so I'm not sure if Michigan will ask for an interview. UIUC didn't require an interview. I submitted my UIUC application around 1st Jan along with my UW Madison application. Haven't heard from the other one. I applied for PhD in all of my applications. For UIUC, I'm admitted into their MS programme with the opportunity to extend to a PhD. Is that the conventional offer for all PhD applicants? And may I know what you heard about UIUC? Is it too sensitive to share on this thread? Thanks! Edit: Tried to quote your reply but I can never figure out how lol Edit2: Okay I figured it out but I can't edit it into this post
  3. NE Fall 2017 Applicants' Thread

    Has anyone gotten any reply from Michigan? It seems from previous years that they tend to take longer than other schools. I got accepted into UIUC late last month with a 9-month assistantship. Just wanna ask if I had to choose between the 2, which should I go for? I'll probably go into nuclear reactor simulations, safety analysis etc. instead of fusion.