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  1. physicssofun

    Applied Physics - Fall 2007?

    Got into Cornell Applied Physics today by email. still no word from Columbia and Harvard. i thought i had a good shot at Columbia....i thought my past research experience matched with some of the faculty members too...but i dunno...well, i don't know the result yet...and Cornell is far better than Columbia in applied physics anyway~ it's just that now my girl friend's gotta get into Cornell =P (or vice versa)
  2. physicssofun

    Applied Physics - Fall 2007?

    hey, Othello first of all, congratz for getting into such awesome programs. i haven't heard anything from Columbia yet (probably they didn't think my past research projects were not too good of fit to their research? dunno...) well, my girl friend got into Columbia and now i so wish i could go to Columbia too. so, IF you're sure that you will not go to Columbia since you got into a bunch of 'better' programs, could you reject their offer? good luck to your future career. it sounds like you will become a top-notch scientist!
  3. physicssofun

    Applied Physics - Fall 2007?

    Hey, Othello, congratz. i didn't get it today....but my hopes are still up~ maybe you are a lot closer to Columbia than me and hopefully the mail is coming in tom (if i was accepted)...and it snowed like crazy today here so that might have affected things. also it's possible that Columbia sends out multiple waves of letters. anyway, thanks for letting all of us know that Columbia started sending out the results. Congratz again!
  4. physicssofun

    Applied Physics - Fall 2007?

    Nice, Othello. I've seen your stats before on this forum. Don't you already have some realllllly good admits? Congratz~ I bet there is a good chance that you would be one of the first ones to hear back from Harvard and Columbia. Now I know that I have a reliable source on when they actually send out the results. just let me know whenever you hear from them! ill do the same. I'm also interested in materials! (in nanofabrication side) I'm from an Ivy applied physics program with GPA of 3.8...I've done 2 years of undergraduate research (couldn't do any REU's because I was an international student). My GRE score is 800Q/540V/4.5W (i don't think GRE scores matter that much anyway) Hopefully I hear some good news.
  5. I'm waiting to hear from Harvard DEAS and Columbia. Anyone else applied to Applied Physics departments?
  6. physicssofun

    Applied Physics - 2007?

    Anyone heard from Applied Physics departments yet? I'm still waiting to hear from Harvard DEAS, Columbia and etc (those two are my top choices) my fingers are crossed....

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