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  1. I got my acceptance email this morning! Was completely surprised because I know on the website it says the 15th but yay! I only applied for 2 months but got offered 3 so I have to decide which months I'm going now.
  2. Hi all, I know threads have existed for previous years when waiting to hear back about acceptances/rejections! Anyone else apply for the internship?
  3. Hi all! I am a first-year student studying art history, and a requirement of my university's program is that I study two different languages. I am planning on taking a course this summer so I can put lots of focus into it. I am currently taking French, and am between taking either Italian or German this summer. I am interested in going to graduate school as well (and know that a lot of schools require reading knowledge of certain languages) and am most interested in the Renaissance and Baroque eras as of yet, so that's why I am focusing on Italian and German. I'm split be
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