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  1. Aww thanks so much <3 I'm honestly super lucky to still have a way to teach English in Korea, given everything goes well~ I know we all have such bright futures and I really appreciated being a part of this forum, even though it was only for a few weeks. You are all so welcoming and I truly wish everyone the best
  2. It's okay, we will still be rocking it this year with whatever endeavors we decide to do!! I'm just glad I have a plan B, but holy cow the amount of paperwork is CRAZY. Congrats to all finalists, and best of luck to those still waiting to hear back! You guys are amazing <3
  3. Damn.... I was NS as well. At least I know now and can move on with GEPIK/EPIK application. I will still be seeing you lucky finalists in Korea, I promise!
  4. Oh no, Naz buddy!!!! I was hoping you'd get it! I hope at least one person from Naz gets theirs... Best of luck on the rest of your semester!
  5. I'm gonna (try to) go to Korea regardless as well! Either through GEPIK or EPIK~ Also my community project is fairly simple: I want to offer music lessons to the community to highlight the importance of the arts inside and outside academia. I feel like music/art is highly underappreciated nowadays
  6. Just got done with an interview with Korvia, which made me realize my best shot to even teach English in Korea will be the Fulbright. *sigh* Korea ETA better be announced this week or I might go crazy from not knowing. Having almost no teaching experience really is gonna bite me in the butt, huh T_T
  7. Same lol good luck to us!
  8. I honestly feel like we wont hear until next week :/
  9. Research??? Congrats!!!
  10. I totally get you! Every time I see the email icon, I get too excited haha
  11. My bet is that it is dependent. I was assuming it'd be another week for us anyways.... I'm just too impatient to want it to be that long haha
  12. 감사합니다~~~ I will definitely give you a follow on here and let you know if I have any questions
  13. You are a life-saver! Thank you
  14. I was hoping that maybe after it was over, they'd make it available to non-premium users but still nothing!! Even tried Viki, but it says its unavailable in my country T_T
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