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  1. Fall 2017 MFA

    @outflare Agree with all this. And it looks like we're in a similar spot in terms of established career, so fully funded programs might not make sense. Try to pop back in with your decision after visiting the programs - would love to hear. Ignoring cost, those two programs also majorly differ in curriculum. More studio-style vs academic. So that's something to consider.
  2. Fall 2017 MFA

    @outflare I don't know. I'm making similar choices (plus a couple waitlists) and have been told again and again that it doesn't matter where you go. Only the work matters. Agents are a dime a dozen, honestly. I've already cycled through one (a good one) without an MFA. Even with financial aid + scholarship, I'm looking at close to six-figure debt for Columbia. That's the kind of debt that haunts you for life. Whereas New School (with scholarships) is totally doable. I feel you: the prestige of the Ivy League name, etc. But in terms of student success rate, it seems like a mere numbers game — admitting so many students inevitably means that they'll have a higher student success rate. That said, I can agree that it might also be important to choose a school that trascends the insular, esoteric MFA world. Sure, Boise State is fully funded, but employers, agents, and book editors don't know this. Or care. What I've realized is that the only people who care where you get your MFA are other MFAers. The rest is noise. You just have to make the best personal choice for yourself in terms of finances, location, and ability to get the work — why you're there — done. It's easy to get caught up in splashy anecdote about big book deals (I have) but what I've honestly decided is: fuck 'em. If you're talented... you're talented.
  3. Fall 2017 MFA

    @outflare looking for other posters considering Columbia, thoughts? I think you mentioned it!