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  1. Of the schools, I was considering applying to the PhD program for all but Boston and Colorado. Linear algebra, intro to higher mathematics (basically introduction to proof writing), and Theory of Computations were all proof-heavy too. I have one year left of school. I plan on taking a year long thesis course, along with Mathematical Statistics II. I have room for 5 more courses next year. The only drawback to talking Real Analysis II is that it's only offered in the Spring, so any grades wouldn't show up until after decidions. So far I have been doing well in number theory and graph theory which are both proof-based. Thank you for your feedback!
  2. Hello, I would greatly appreciate an evaluation of my profile for the upcoming application season, and any tips/advice offered. Undergrad Institution: Large State University Program: BA Mathematics GPA: 3.54 Type of Student: Domestic White Male Courses: Calculus II & III - A+, Intro to Higher Mathematics - A, Differential Equations - A+, Linear Algebra - B+, Probability - B, Intro to Statistics - A, Symbolic Computations - A, Vector Calculus - A+, Theory of Computation - B, Real Analysis I - C+, Abstract Algebra - B Currently in: Graph Theory, Number Theory, Mathematical Statistics I GRE: Haven't taken yet, but shouldn't be an issue Research Experience: Completed one REU, and I will be attending another this summer Research Interests: Ecological modelling, infectious disease modeling Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Undergraduate scholarships, Dean's list Letters of Recommendation: To be decided Concerns/Questions: How bad is the C+ in Real Analysis? Is it worth retaking if that's a possibility? What could I do to strengthen this application even more? Schools of Interest: Purdue University of Florida University of Georgia University of Connecticut University of Virginia Boston University Colorado School of Mines