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  1. Hey everyone, I've heard of some folks bargaining with a school to increase their scholarship. I received a $12,000 scholarship at NYU, my school of choice. I was hoping to talk about increasing that a bit due to my very low-income status. Do you any of you have experience with this? If so, who is it that I talk to? Is an in-person ask better than a telephone or emailed ask? Thanks
  2. Thank you for this. This is possibly the most helpful insight I've heard so far. Basically, I'm just looking for support for what some figure (including my Columbia alumni brother) is a crazy decision to pick NYU over Columbia. I've all but paid the deposit down. Can I ask how you went about pushing for more money? I received $12,000. I was thinking about stopping by and explaining that I am low-income (which they very well know) and hope for the best. What did you do?
  3. Does anyone have any light to shed on the subject? I've spoken to many NYU students who have nothing but glowing reviews, and a few Columbia students who say a lot of "You're just paying for the name" with very little to say about the program itself. So while I am obviously very drawn to Columbia's prestige, their students don't seem especially thrilled on the program, which seems to be the opposite for NYU. They are comparable in price. I would like to do clinical social work in conjunction with community organizing for LGBTQ, HIV+ and at-risk women populations, if that helps.
  4. Also, were you the one who posted on the results page that you received your decision after sending them an emailing asking the status of your app?
  5. Bahh, they accept people at night?! Now I'll never stop checking my email long enough to sleep! Hehe, congrats though! Are you attending? Perhaps we will be classmates!
  6. I was an English and Gender Studies major, and so far I'm in at NYU. I would suggest that if you want to solidify your chances, highlight volunteer work. Get some volunteer experience! Majors are way less important than solid experience. You don't need a car to volunteer... there are SO MANY volunteer experiences online (you can even be a rape crisis counselor for RAINN right from your cell phone).
  7. That could be the case! Which leaves me even more confused about why I haven't received a decision yet... :/ I read somewhere that the Social Work schools at least send their decisions out in batches at the end of the week (it may have been on these forums). Normally I wouldn't be going so bonkers, but I received a decision from NYU and was accepted. I am really on the fence about both schools, and to not know about Columbia but to know that I DID get into NYU, has me all kinds of crazy and anxious to make a definitive decision.
  8. My application wasn't "late," exactly. It was submitted on time, but it wasn't considered complete until about a week later due to a straggling transcript from a community college I took courses at. I haven't heard from Columbia yet, and I guess I'm just a little concerned, and definitely growing impatient! Has anyone else with a late completed application received a decision yet?
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