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  1. phd offer without fund

    HI everyone ! I just received an admission offer to a Phd program in US for Fall 2017 last week without any funds. As classes start today, I accepted the offer but planning to defer until next Spring 2018 until I secure full funding. As I applied late, I assume I didn't get funding. I even contacted one professor before & after being accepted, but he didn't have funds this year. Should I keep contacting him or other professors too ? does it look unfocused contacting multiple professors ? Also, which one will be better, deferring a year or a semester ? Thanks a lot, hoping for your advice
  2. admission without assistantship

    Thanks for the pertinent advice. I've been contacting my alotted advisor who recommends to contact Department Chair & coordinators for funds. Also , as most fellowships & assistantships are given to enrolled students only ( acc to university websites), makes me wonder, if I have a better chance of getting funds only after accepting the offer. What is the general method ? Thanks
  3. admission without assistantship

    I received admission offers from two top MS programs in US without any funding. Is it ok to accept the admission offer then appeal for assistantship/fellowship or wait until any funding is offered then only accept the offer? The general rule in US seems TA/RA given only after you are enrolled in the program. Any help is immensely appreciated. Thanks, FMT