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  1. Problem isn't graduating on time. A non honors designation is certainly a possibility. But I am concerned that faculty at dream school might not look too favorably after I mentioned that I was working on this honors thesis in my SoP and did not complete it. Not sure if anyone would check.
  2. So... about a month ago I got into my dream school with full funding. Great, right? This semester, meanwhile, I've been writing my undergraduate honors thesis, which I just submitted in final form to be defended, well before the final deadline. I go to talk to thesis advisor yesterday, who informs me that they have not yet contacted the necessary outside evaluator. The advisor, who wrote a LoR for me, apologized saying that they had too much on their plate. Long story short, it seems that a committee may not be ready in time for my graduation. I wrote about this project in the SoP to sai
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