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  1. No problem! I definitely found the ETS official guide helpful. Best of luck studying and with the test itself!
  2. Math is my weak subject too, I hadn't touched any of the concepts since high school so it was hard to get back into but it came more quickly as time went on. I don't know what the exact average is for SLP but I do know other departments at U of A use the minimum 50th percentile rule, so getting a bit higher than the cutoff scores should make you feel comfortable. I studied for a couple hours a day for about a month leading up to the test. I took notes on the entire Quant section review that the ETS website has up, it covers most of what you'll need to know. I didn't really study much for verbal besides reading novels with difficult language on my kindle and defining all the words I didn't know. There's lots of vocab flashcard apps too. I didn't study much for the writing section but my advice (for all sections!) would be to do practice exams. I ran out of time on one of the essays so I think I should have prepared more for that section. Hope this helps!
  3. Those aren't bad scores! Well above the 50th percentile which is what most schools recommend. I'd maybe aim a little higher than 155 on the Verbal section if it's within your means, as it's more important for this type of program. But I wouldn't be too worried with a 155.
  4. What are your GRE scores looking like? The PowerPrep practice tests will give you a rough idea. As long as they're at least average I'd say with your GPA you should be fine. The GRE is one part of the application but it matters much less than some other parts, it may be used as a tie-breaker of sorts for similar students but your GPA is high enough to compensate for so-so scores.
  5. I got accepted to UofA with an overall 3.56 but my last 20 courses GPA was 3.79. I don't think it's the best GPA but my GRE scores were pretty solid too so I think that helped.
  6. I recently accepted my spot at U of A. I'm still in shock, I really didn't think I'd get in! I only applied to 2 schools (McGill being the other, I got rejected there) so I thought I was really unlikely to get in and that I'd have to give it another go next year. If anyone is going to U of A and wants to chat before we start feel free to PM me! Best of luck to everyone still on waitlists, I hope I'll get to see some of you around at U of A