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  1. Washington, DC and Maryland suburbs

    I am using an iPhone 7plus in Japan and I am going to keep using my phone after I move to DC this August. I am planning to use a pre-paid plan with my current cell phone to save money. I am thinking of using AT&T, so I would like to know how the coverage is in Washington, D.C. I'm going to look at a coverage map anyway, but I would like to hear from people who travel to D.C. often or that live there. Thank you!
  2. Thanks! let me ask you one more question! What if I lease for 9 months? (because I will visit my home country during summer) All apartments that I found allow me to lease for 9months. So my plan is I am going to lease for 9months and stay in my home country during summer vacation and find a new studio and lease for another 9 months (and I am going to throw away my desk and matteess and buy new ones every year and I will put my other stuff in my cousin's house in Maryland while I stay in my country during summer) If it is my case, do you still think $1,500-$1,700 is still too much for rent? Since I have no experience in living in the US, I have no idea how much I need to pay for rent..:(
  3. Hi! I am going to get 28K for 8 months and wonder if it is livable in the expensive DC neighborhood. (I will visit my home country during summer and the travel grant will be provided as well.). If I spend $1500-$1700 for getting a studio, is the $28,000 stipend enough to live in DC for 8 months? or do you think I need to share my apartment to get a less expensive place? (FYI, I am not going to get a car). Thank you!