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    jazzontherocks got a reaction from rheya19 in What are your 4 dream jobs? Are you qualified for any of them?   
    1) Singer-Songwriter (did a year of training at the California College of Music for this and despite an EP and single on iTunes and tons of unpaid performances here and there, I'm still struggling but I'll keep going forward with music while I look for day jobs that I still like
    2) Advertising Exec/Art Director (this is kinda what I'm trying to get a Masters in - I need to gain new skills in this and to network)
    3) TV Screenwriter/Producer (had a screenwriting background and would like to be one of those powerful women who revolutionize the TV industry)
    4) Best-selling fiction novel writer
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    jazzontherocks got a reaction from Zauber in Youngest in my program. HELP!   
    Don't worry. You'll fit in. A gap of several years is usually not a problem. You're able to gain new insights from your peers and vice versa. I once enrolled in an advanced diploma program where I was the youngest and most were over 10-20 years older. Hope you'll have a wonderful time still.
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    jazzontherocks got a reaction from ellieotter in popular things you hate   
    Same here. Most of my friends use it except a select few. Haha.
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