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  1. USC marshall school MSEI F17

    Hi. I hope you have been getting your acceptance letter by now. It can be frustrating to have to wait that long. If you still haven't heard from USC, it's definitely okay to e-mail them and ask for your application status.
  2. Late to this thread as well. I'm also curious about the OP's choice. I'm particularly interested in Queen Mary and City, which is also part of the University of London. All the best to everyone.
  3. MFA 2018 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!

    You might like to check out the New School in New York. It offers an MFA in Photography. There's a focus in documentary photography as well. All the best!
  4. Applying to NYU SPS

    Hi! I wish I saw your post earlier on. We could have had a discussion I got an admit to the Publishing program at SPS. No GRE required thankfully, since I did not plan on taking a GRE. It should be an easy admit for you if you provide all the documents they ask. Let me know how you get on. I had to decline my offer due to the tuition cost and not wanting my family to pay that much for me, but I wish I have said yes. Hope you've gotten an acceptance letter by now.
  5. Publishing Graduate Programs

    Glad this thread exists. Let me know which grad school you both decide on. All the best. I got accepted to NYU's Publishing program but it's too costly for me. Looking at Simon Fraser now. City University of London and the University of Melbourne also offer it.
  6. Youngest in my program. HELP!

    Don't worry. You'll fit in. A gap of several years is usually not a problem. You're able to gain new insights from your peers and vice versa. I once enrolled in an advanced diploma program where I was the youngest and most were over 10-20 years older. Hope you'll have a wonderful time still.
  7. I rely on my mood always. Whenever I feel inspired, that's the best time for me to get it all down on Word (or Final Draft if I'm writing screenplays). But at times I work best under pressure when deadlines are approaching.
  8. Spring admission anyone? (MFA)

    Hi. I'm considering applying for next Spring. My plans for Fall fell apart so I'd have to start all over again but this will give me enough time to be ready. My family has agreed to fund me but if I can get a little bit of scholarship that would be great. Have you been applying to different schools? All the best
  9. MA Communication Program in Canada

    I hope you have heard from the remaining universities by now. My undergrad major is Communication, and I'd love to continue with a Publishing Masters from SFU. Or anything in Media/Film.

    Hi. You might like the Journalism program offered at Columbia University in NY. The University of Southern California in Los Angeles also has a Journalism program, including a specialized Arts Journalism MA that I'm interested in.
  11. One-year interdisciplinary MAs?

    Also adding City, University of London for its one-year MAs in your areas of interest, Philosophy included.
  12. Melbourne, Australia

    Let's resurrect this thread Does anyone plan on applying to Melbourne universities or is there a Melbournian on this forum? I've had the pleasure of doing my B.A. at Monash University (got an Advanced Diploma from RMIT University as well), and I'm considering getting my Masters at the University of Melbourne. I heart the city, my local Australian friends (mates) and how easy it is to get around. If you're heading down under, I'd love to hear from you.
  13. First-generation student (or not)?

    Same here, I'm the first in my direct family with a BA. Most relatives have Bachelor degrees but only 1 has a Masters. At the moment I'm looking for an MS program (just explained my dad a couple days ago what a Masters degree is and what it can do for me haha). I have no plan on getting a Phd though. My Masters will be it.
  14. how old are you?

    Agreed Age is never the limit when it comes to learning. I did an advanced diploma program when I was 17, and most of my classmates were 25-55. It feels great to learn from one another.
  15. Has your advisor ever hugged you?

    I did my undergrad in Melbourne, Australia. Australians are the friendly type, my advisor included. She used to give me random hugs. It was great, and I felt welcome at the school (and in the city).