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  1. The Mighty Indecision

    Thank you for the responses. I was curious on how that STS major is marketable? I am presuming it is a broad range of topics through many fields and does it have a department of it's own where you went? To respond to other replies to my question, I have definitely thought about closely related fields toward my interests such as my interest in time and causality with relation to the philosophy of physics, or sociology in relation to my interest in the philosophy of culture and society. One of the reasons I posted here is that I was looking for some feedback with regard to my cursorily posted question, I appreciate all the comments.
  2. The Mighty Indecision

    Greetings all, Looking to read some opinions and answers about my little predicament and question. I have 2 BA's, one in History and the other in Philosophy. I had planned to attend graduate school for Philosophy but I am having some blues about Philosophy. Not the typical I wouldn't be able to find a job nonsense, I was intending to go for a PhD anyway. I am feeling tugged toward the empirical and quantifiable subjects. While I continue to love Philosophy greatly, for those that don't know there isn't hastily made progress in Philosophy and I enjoy progress. I should note that I am a 4.0 student and take this decision very seriously, which is why I am seeking the advice and conversation with as many people as possible. Any recommendations for another subject for graduate school? Any other advice is welcome and thanks.