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  1. Obviously the courses will cover it, but I'm interested in getting a primer on the subject to better help me prepare and understand. Something that's maybe not just a technical textbook, but maybe a book that speaks on the topic, key issues, etc., if that makes sense.
  2. Can you tell me how you're liking the student affairs program? My heart dropped a little today because I was told by the student affairs director that I can't do a concentration in higher ed with my MPA. They said the student affairs program is highly selective, so there wouldn't be room for me, and that the course sequence is very important and not taking all the classes in the right order would hurt my understanding of the material. Now I'm left to decide if I want to still pursue the MPA (which I'm pretty sure I'll get accepted for) starting this fall, or if I want to drop it, app
  3. Has anyone taken this route? I'm currently applying to a Masters of Public Administration program and work in communications at a state university. I really like university environment and think I might want to stay in higher education. My university does offer a master's in student affairs, but I'm more interested in academic affairs than I am in student services (res life, Greek life, registrar, etc.). My program doesn't have a concentration in higher ed but I could try to tailor it somewhat with electives. Any ideas?
  4. If this comment is directed toward me, I'm not sure exactly what is meant by career profile or by it shouldn't be "either or." I guess I need to do more research into what precise skills I might need. My degree is in communications/public relations, so I have lots of courses in theory, soft skills and more graphics-related technical skills, and lots and lots of writing from two years at a newspaper, so specifically for the MPA I'm looking forward to learning about finance, budgeting, management. Those topics will be included in the core and maybe in a few electives. I'll still need to add a fe
  5. Hi, those were just examples about my concerns using a hypothetical field/situation. My predominant interest is working in city management/local government. I don't have any experience in that, but I've been reading up on it and it interests me. There's two reasons I have for wanting to apply now: 1) I've found the job market very tough since graduating and I think it would be very, very difficult to break into a paid position in local government, for instance, with my non-governmental background. 2) I'm a staff member at the university where I'd apply, so I would get basically a full tuition
  6. Thanks for your reply. Indeed, I am wondering what courses I should take outside the required core. When I say concentration, it's not an official declaration on the diploma, but about 15 credit hours of classes that focus in a certain area. I guess a better way to describe it would be I need at least 15 hours of electives, and you have the option of choosing your own electives or picking one of a few recommended sets that focus on certain subjects. I think with this program the idea is they want you to end up specializing in a certain subject (e.g. criminal justice) so you can apply your MPA
  7. Hi everyone, first-time poster here. I'm planning to apply for an MPA program at the university I work at. Outside of the core 21-hour curriculum, you're allowed to choose a concentration, create a concentration or fill up with electives. The concentrations are generally about 15 credit hours. I've already thought about potential careers but I want to just get some ideas about some good ideas to pair with an MPA. If it means anything, my undergrad is in journalism/public relations/rhetoric so I have little quantitative experience. The university has four pre-developed concentra
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