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  1. Hi all,I'm an sophomore undergrad studying CS + Math at NYU. From the looks of it, it seems like I'll end up with a 3.4ish GPA at graduation, which is discouraging. However, I'll also have the following:- research experience- every course I've taken are hardcore math, physics and CS classes (data structures and algorithms, algorithm analysis, PDE, advanced linear algebra, probability I and II, analysis, econometrics, modern/quantum physics as well as physics labs, to name a few), with some grad-level classes thrown in here and there. Did poorly in the CS and physics classes, but have pretty much all A's in the math classes- extreme improvement in GPA from first two years to second two years (where all the hard classes are). I'm talking 2.9 to 3.6+. What are my chances at top stats phd programs such as CMU, Uchic, Berkeley, etc.? I'm neurotic about this because I'm sure if my goal is to work as a quant and then become a hedge fund manager, my employers and investors with billions of dollars will need to see the "PhD, top university" at the end of my name