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  1. Hi guys! My girlfriend just got into UCLA, SFSU, and San Jose State for her MSW program. I am a premed graduate taking a research gap year job at Stanford, which is near all the schools except UCLA. I plan to apply to med schools when she finishes her program, and we will move together off to wherever I will go to school. I am quite uncertain where I will go for med school, as acceptances for programs are very difficult to predict. She wants to get her LCSW, and the plan is for her to get a job in whichever new area we choose to move to. Now the big question: How much does program prestige play a role in her being able to get a job outside of California? If she chooses SFSU or SJ State over UCLA, will that limit her chances of getting a job, since UCLA will have greatest name recognition among those schools? We would also like to prevent our relationship from being long-distance, which it will be if she chooses UCLA. However, if UCLA is a much better choice, we can deal with it for two years. Would love some feedback from knowledgeable people!
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