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  1. Fulbright 2017-2018

    Thanks for your input! I am looking at New Zealand or Austrailia in particular due to their higher levels of civic engagement, but arguably 'worse' disability related services. Aus is interesting because they have mandatory voting, but it doesn't apply to the disabled. She made the good point of saying that not every country may want their people more civicly engaged. I do not recall if I had mentioned these two countries in general, but she seemed against my research idea in general. Any additional thoughts would be very appreciated!
  2. Fulbright 2017-2018

    Hi all! I recently met with my university's fulbright advisor and I have a few questions. I want to do it on civic engagement among people with disabilities. They recommended against this as it could be 'too political.' It makes sense to an extent, but our school has not received a research grant since this advisor has been here so I am not too confident in their say on the matter. Is their input reliable? Thanks! I would love to go more in depth with someone who might be able to shine some light on this!