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  1. A friend bought me Bolshoi Confidential as a graduation gift, and it's definitely as scandalous as you might imagine. (If not a little melodramatic - but that's how Russian ballet goes...)
  2. Hi y'all, been lurking for a while and finally made an account of my own to ask a question! Anyways, I'm an undergrad history major graduating this week (and I'm first gen, so double woo!), and staying at my current institution for an unrelated master's (ESL education, accelerated). I'll be working full-time teaching ESL and social studies while I finish my MAT, and I plan on working for a few years to pay off my reasonable undergrad debt. I want to go back for graduate school in history - but I'm not financially, mentally, or emotionally ready for a PhD yet (if ever, but I have time
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