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  1. agreed with the comment above. Keep in touch but-- that really means not burning bridge in any way. You want to make sure that you thanked them for considering you and getting to know you. Keep the future in mind- PhD programs, positions in their lab, or even post- doc placement. It is possible that you could work with her in the future.
  2. Hi there, I do not have an exact answer to your question but do have an experience I thought that would be useful to share. When I was trying to find programs that I fit with. I google scholar'ed topics that I am interested in and looked up the authors of the works I was really interested in. This helped me find schools that I wouldn't have found by looking at top tier program lists etc. Its important for you to have a match of interests with your future advisor, so starting at the bottom with work that you are inspired by is a good idea. (incase you do not know- the last author on an article is most likely the PI or faculty advisor- to help you narrow your search. You'll want to look for researchers who are faculty at universities and check that they are on the program list of faculty. Good luck!
  3. Have you had recent experience with Neuroscience? If not, it will likely be hard to get into a neuroscience PHD program. You may want to consider getting a masters in the field you are interested in first. PhD programs are difficult to get into, especially I've heard for individuals who have taken a long break between BA and grad school. You will need strong letters of recommendation to push the committee to seeing that you are ready for the work load and time commitment of a PhD program at this time in your life. Besides online resources that you can find through this website you're going to need relationships with individuals who are faculty members/ research coordinators to help you with applications. Best of luck!
  4. My mentor suggested that I did not mention any of my negative aspects in my personal statement. She said that those were things that she would address in her letter of recommendation. It is better for your personal statement to reflect the positive experiences you've garnered, instead of your missteps. Do you have someone writing a recommendation for you that could address your grades and your work ethic?
  5. Most PhD programs that start in the fall will have reached out to their applicants by March of the same year (and expect to have the decisions of their applicants in by mid april). If you have not received any information from the program you applied to I would suggest emailing them.
  6. Hi there, I am looking for social psychology journals that accept brief report journal submissions. Any ideas on how I can figure this out/ do you have any suggestions of journals I should submit to. My study is on how my participants have changed their views on LGBs after election day- so I was thinking intergroup processes or social issue type journals. I can't seem to find brief report submissions. Help! Thanks!
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