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  1. No word yet! I called recently and they said that they should release in the next few weeks
  2. Hey everyone! For people with Harvard BBS acceptances who are not planning on joining the program... please let them know ASAP! They implemented a waitlist this year and they said they are waiting for some more spots to clear up. Thank you!!
  3. I had emailed Dr. Dymecki to ask her a seperate question and she responded. She also said theyre sending out more acceptances today, so no worries for you im sure!
  4. Hey guys! After what I thought was a perfect recruitment weekend I was shocked to find out that I was waitlisted for the BBS weekend. As it is the first year they are even having a waitlist, I was wondering if anyone has any insight into my chances / why they've added a waitlist this year? Also, is anyone else in the same boat? Im very surprised at this result, but I guess there isnt much I can do now.
  5. Did anyone who interviewed at Harvard BBS this last weekend ask when we can expect interview decisions? Or anyone who works in the program now?
  6. Stanford Biosciences Biology track just released some invitations!
  7. Looks like a few invites went out today - one of my friends called the graduate office and they said that students will be notified this week and that they dont send out everything in one day. I don't know if that means that some invites are still coming, but fingers crossed!
  8. Hey everyone, just emailed MIT biology and they said that they are done sending invites now! Too bad
  9. Does anyone know if MIT Biology is still sending out invites? Or did they release them all yesterday?
  10. Got an email from Weill Cornell and Columbia Integrated Program about 30 minutes ago
  11. Has anyone heard anything from the Columbia Integrated Program? I saw someone got an interview on the results page but I haven't heard anything unfortunately
  12. Rockefeller seems to normally send their invites in early Jan
  13. It seems to depend on the program, but all of mine have been trickling in (I've seen people say they get an interview a few hours before my email)
  14. Just got an interview invite from Penn CAMB via email
  15. I got a call a few days ago from a POI there with an interview invite, but they still haven't sent me the official email. She said that it would probably happen late next week or between christmas/new years. I imagine that's when all of them will be released!
  16. They haven't released all of the invites for today, as far as I know! But I think today is the only day for BBS
  17. Im sure it varies program by program, but for all of the programs I have seen the invitations seem to come out either all at once or alphabetically.
  18. I think they just released one of the batches, and the email was from an administrator
  19. Do you have any idea if BBS normally releases invites in batches throughout today or all at once?
  20. For the integrated program or for the pathology one?
  21. Does anyone have any insight into whether Harvard BBS/Columbia Integrated program (CMBS) will be doing invites tomorrow or next week?
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