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  1. fallfromgrace667


    I'm initially from California but I'm doing my undergraduate degree down the river in Brooklyn at Polytechnic University. Unfortunately Columbia has not offered me any financial aid where other schools have so I won't be going. Best of luck to you two.
  2. Hello all, I was curious whether anyone had any comments about these three schools in the area of information security. I've gotten into Carnegie Mellon's Information Networking Institute which offers a degree in Information Security Technology & Management. I'm curious if the INI is as highly regarded as Carnegie's engineering and CS departments. I also got into Johns Hopkins' Information Security Institute which offers an MS in "Security Informatics." I've been told this program highly regarded in the information security field. I've also been admitted to the MS in CS program at Columbia University. I know Columbia is fairly highly ranked in CS and they have an MS "track" in computer security. I was wondering if anyone had comments about these three schools or programs. All three look pretty good to me at the moment so it's going to be a tough choice.
  3. fallfromgrace667


    Anyone else gotten into Columbia? I got into the CS masters program. But it does not appear that I'll be getting any aid so I don't know if I'll be able to go. I've visited the campus and it is very nice. It kind of feels like an Ivy even though its in Manhattan. What does everyone else think?
  4. fallfromgrace667


    Hi. I got into the MS in Information Security Technology & Management program offered by the Information Networking Institute at CMU. I'm trying to figure out how INI measures up to the Engineering and CS departments at CMU since they're very highly ranked and such. I'm currently weighing CMU, Johns Hopkins, and Columbia so its certainly not a given I'll be going to CMU.
  5. fallfromgrace667

    Johns Hopkins

    I'm currently considering the MS program at Johns Hopkins' Information Security Institute. I'm not very thrilled about the prospect of living in Baltimore either. Though i currently live in NYC so going anywhere will probably be a let down. I also don't like that Johns Hopkins has no graduate housing. But the program is supposed to be one of the best in the country.

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