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    Has anybody heard anything yet? From the main page of overall results under, "search for results" it seems as if people are still receiving positive results at this time. Perhaps they're all waitlist acceptances, but I haven't heard anything. I called the school, but that was to no avail.
  2. Rat

    Offer Accepted

    Were they all history programs offers that you rejected, or some kind of American studies/ethnicity programs?
  3. Rat

    Offer: decline

    April 15 is about two weeks away! What offers have you declined or plan to decline? I think this will be of help to those on the waitlist.
  4. Rat


    Hey grad hunters. I think this topic will help some of us on the waitlist to have a better idea of our chances. If you haven't formally declined an offer, what offers do you think you'll most certainly decline?
  5. Hey thanks for your answer. I hope I don't have to apply to the 2011 year but who knows at this point. I'm really surprised that the wait-lists are so small. I thought that at least 10 people or more were on each list.
  6. Rat

    No word yet

    Is anybody here still waiting to hear from schols or am I the only one? It's getting a bit late and I fear that I'm alone. I know several of you have "waiting on" in your school decisions on your signature page, but just wondering since those might be outdated.
  7. I applied to the PhD program at Indiana but got waitlisted on the MA program. Anybody have any idea what's going on there? Is it one of those programs where all are admitted as MA students and must reapply after second year? I double checked my application and sure enough I applied to the PhD...
  8. Rat

    Offer Accepted

    Hey I know it's getting close to April 15, just wondering if anybody here has determined which school to attend, and what field of study as well. Hopefully, around April 15 those who have accepted offers at common schools can link up.
  9. Fauxtog, Is it a bad idea to contact schools to inquire about position on the waitlist? Did you inquire of USC or did you wait to hear from them? I didn't apply to USC but just wondering how you were informed.
  10. I heard at Indiana that only 4 of 129 applicants were offered admission. Yeah so about 3%. The economic crisis devastated their admissions.
  11. Rat

    Offer Accepted

    Hey y'all! I know many of us are waiting to hear back from schools, nevertheless April 15 draws nigh (less than a month)! What school are you leaning towards as of now?
  12. Rat


    Has anybody heard anything from Southern Methodist University?
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