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  1. Hey, is there anyone who has not be notified of the MS Statistics application via email but it is available on the portal. If yes, can you please share the link to the same. I could not find any update on https://myuw.washington.edu/servlet/main/ as well on https://apps.grad.uw.edu/applForAdmiss/login.aspx
  2. Hi, I am currently preparing my application for master's ( and Phd ) degree in Biostatistics. I am wondering if my background is good enough to apply for a few top ten programs. Also which are safe/ambitious for MS/ Phd. Undergrad/grad Institution: One of the old IITs Major: BS MS (dual degree) Mathematics and Scientific computing GPA: 3.8/4.0 (MS), 3.2 ( BS ) Type of Student: Asian Male Relevant Courses: Except for C in Probability & Statistics, all A, A* or B in: Probability & Statistics, Applied Stochastic Process, Time Series Analysi
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