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  1. Contacting Grad School to Make Sure App is Complete

    Thank you! Since this week is also weird with it being July 4th weekend, I'll wait until next week. Thanks for the advice!
  2. So, this past March, I sent in a complete application for a graduate program at Texas Tech (Ph.D. in Technical Communication and Rhetoric) which is housed in their English department. In April, they contacted me to tell me that they were no longer accepting applicants for both the spring 2018 semester (to which I'd applied) and the fall, but were now only accepting applications once a year. So they said they had automatically rolled my application into the folder for Fall of 2018 applicants. Upon learning this, I decided to apply to another program at Texas Tech. This time the program was housed in their Education department, and the program is a Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction with a concentration in language, diversity, and literacy. Their enrollment is ongoing for both spring and fall semesters. As of May, I had sent in all the required materials (I think) for the program, but according to my application overview (you can check where your application is on your Raider account) it says it is still incomplete. According to the program's instructions, they won't begin to review your application until it is complete. When I look at the "detailed status" to see if there are any documents missing, each portion reads "complete." So where it says, "reference one", "vitae", "transcripts", etc. it all says completed. On June 23rd, I sent an email to the program contact regarding my application and asked whether or not it was complete and if not what I needed to send in. A few days later, I called to see if she could answer me via phone since she had still not emailed back. I have still not heard back. My question is, do I wait and just assume the application is complete? Or do I follow up yet again and try to hear from someone? I don't want to come off as "desperate." I just want to make sure that all the things needed on my end are complete, and that it's out of my hands.