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  1. dolt, I meant Russia, not Germany.
  2. Thanks, everyone! I decided to apply to Ph.D. programs, so my question is a bit moot! I did draft a SOP for a Ph.D. program, which did have a brief introduction about how studying abroad caused me to choose my field, before going into research interests, academic background, and preparation. As for phrasing of my research interests, I wrote: My intended field is modern European history, with a comparative geographical interest in Britain and Germany. I am particularly interested in historical and cultural memory and everyday life, with a special attention to the war, interwar, and post-war periods of the twentieth century. My intended research is a comparative study of daily life in Britain and Germany in the early to mid-twentieth century, with an emphasis on the effects of culture on nationalism and memory. Further, I would like to explore the intersections of gender, religion, and ethnicity in daily life during these periods. A side interest of mine is imperial conquest and its effects on culture and national identity. I'm not sure if this is too broad, or if it is too abstract.
  3. Hey everyone! One thing that I see emphasized regarding personal statements for graduate school is standing out, and being unique. There is one event that I think was the most influential in my life academically, professionally, and personally, so I would love to write about it. However, I'm not sure if it's unique enough to put in an application! I studied abroad for one year in Rome, Italy, and was able to grow as a historian, academic, and person during this time. Studying abroad is pretty common, so would this even stand out to admissions counselors? TIA!