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  1. Hello! From 2015-2016, I was enrolled in an elementary education program for the multiple subject credential, however, after taking 12 units (overall 3.9 GPA)and working full time as an apprentice teacher, I decided not to continue. From 2016-2017, I was on a short term staff permit, allowing me to stay employed but not pursue the credential. I stayed in teaching elem school students primarily because higher ed jobs are so hard to get. I didn't see myself working with elementary school students for the rest of my life and thought about the last time I was happy which was at community college working as a student assistant in a program to improve graduation rates for economically disadvantaged populations. Now I'm applying to grad school to pursue my passion in student affairs for fall 2018 but I am unsure how the committee will view my application having seen that I didn't complete the program. Should I address not having completed the program and pursuing credential?