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    Pretty much everything looks and feels interesting now. What will turn out to remain so after a while is to be seen.
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  1. The United States, definitely yes. PHD, yes... maybe, I don't exactly know. But I'm assuming he's applying for Masters from his profile. And there are a good amount of really good schools with February deadlines.
  2. Hey @bilaljamil99, The stress part resonates within me, and I'm assuming it's common here, so you're among good company. I'm unable to comment on the balancing life part, but yes, Mid-February is a very tight fit, and even so, you would be able to apply to only those schools still open; March - 1st is the latest deadline I've seen till date. For the GRE, give it as soon as possible, do not put it off till February. December end still sounds possible. (I'm assuming you aren't applying to the schools closing by December.) Verbal preparation from my side was a little different than my peers. I serendipitously ran into Norman Lewis' "Word Power Made Easy" and decided to stick to it and it paid off. The reading comprehension part is only through constant practice; Once you get the basics down from some source or the other (Magoosh is fine), practicing to an inordinate amount will eventually make it such a reflex that you would not miss out any time during the exam. Optimising your RC section timings will be the golden egg. I didn't do it, though, and so through regret, am better suited to give you this advice. This thread though, does not focus on GRE preparation and it would do you better to look for ones specifically on GRE and then to read the methods presented and form your own version. Cheers
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