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  1. Not awarded. Second year chemistry PhD student. Reviews were very mixed. One reviewer saying they highly recommend me and one saying I'm not creative enough haha. If you are not an obvious "yes", it definitely comes down to the reviewers you get (IMO). G/G, E/E, VG/G For future applicants: Definitely be specific about the outreach you plan on doing! Two of my reviewers mentioned that one of my weak points was vague claims of outreach.
  2. Finally received my Scripps rejection so it looks like colorado state is where I’ll end up (only acceptance). Definitely not my first choice but I really enjoyed the visit and it will be nice to be close to home.
  3. Sorry! At least you can stop stressin
  4. The rejection definitely makes you stop checking your email every 5 minutes haha. Best of luck to you both!
  5. And I’m from boulder (as the name implies) so it would have been nice to go home for school.
  6. Thanks. Pretty sad because I definitely thought I had a good shot there.
  7. My coworker received an invite for interview Friday but that was a special case. Based on the email she received it seems like they were done sending out invites. Could be wrong though
  8. Did you hear anything today? I didn’t receive an email and nothing is updated on the website.
  9. Unfortunately it was a rejection. But I got a promotion at my job 5 minutes after which made the pain sting less.
  10. anyone seen this for Minnesota? Just says decision made... no other information!
  11. I’m in the same boat. My top choice.
  12. I wonder if that still means they will be giving acceptances...
  13. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thanks for posting that
  14. I am in the same boat. Same thing is happening with CU boulder for me.
  15. I’m so confused. Both Minnesota and CU boulder have sent out a bunch of rejections but my application is still under review. Could this mean I have been waitlisted?
  16. Anyone else heard back for organic recently?
  17. That’s extremely helpful. Thanks! Though it does discourage me since CU boulder and Minnesota both look like they should have sent most of their acceptances.
  18. Yeah I did. Still nothing. Sorry to hear about that! Are you applying for organic?
  19. I should probably give up hope at this point eh?
  20. Got in to Colorado state! Definitely my backup school but I’m still excited to finally get an acceptance. Does anyone on here know much about the program (organic)?
  21. Congrats! I’ve still yet to hear anything
  22. Don’t worry about this. I ended up having to change recommenders AFTER the deadline for all of my schools because my original recommender went off the grid. All of the schools said it was fine. They understand that’s the aspect of the application you have the least control over.
  23. I saw that several people received acceptances from CU boulder today. One strange thing is that they were all for physical chemistry. Have any of you organic chemists out there heard back from CU?
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