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  1. Silly question, perhaps, but what is appropriate dress for a open house admitted student weekend? Casual, dress casual? Thanks all!
  2. Hey Noxrosa, Wonderful! I'm definitely heading out there for the open house and will be doing a bit of apartment hunting as well (assuming all goes well with the meet and greet). Do you have any advice as to which neighborhoods are best (good mix of safe, cheap, etc.)? This will be my first trip to SB, so I am completely unfamiliar with the area. Thanks!
  3. I've been accepted to UCSB's English department and looking for fellow admits (to any department) who know a bit about the area or are planning to attend an open house! Thanks!
  4. I got a call also, very very excited about it. Anyone attending the perspective student day?
  5. Looks like there are two acceptances posted on the board. Anyone care to claim? Any information you could share?
  6. I've yet to hear anything from Irvine--not rejected, not admitted, not waitlisted. Oh the agony.
  7. It seems peculiar that there isn't more action on the boards about UVA. It seems that at least 4 people have been accepted thus far (two on our results board plus the two Jefferson Fellowship interviewees?). I'm really tempted to call, but I hate to be *that* student!
  8. I'm curious, but not incredibly hopeful of actually getting in
  9. I'm right there with you--the wait is killing me.
  10. Grats to the person who posted the acceptance. Mind sharing details?
  11. Is anyone aware of any acceptances to Irvine? Going a bit crazy since those rejections were posted but I haven't heard anything.
  12. Its odd--I have yet to hear anything. Either that's a good sign, or my app was so dreadful that I didn't even deserve a formal response.
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