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  1. In psychology/cognitive science programs I found huge variability. At state schools like Illinois/Michigan, funding was as low as $16,000/year (not including summer), and even in ridiculously expensive La Jolla, UCSD was only offering $18k. At prestigious private schools (like WashU and Northwestern), it was $19/20k. However, at a few private institutions with special IGERT grants, I got offers of $30k (for 2-3 years, then ~$25k for the rest), and at Stanford, it was $31k, plus a kick of $5000/yr if you got outside funding. So from my experience (at least in the social sciences), funding is more dependent upon the type of school (public/private) and also where the funding comes from (i.e., the particular lab, the department, the university, etc.).
  2. braingirl


    I'll be heading to MIT's Brain and Cognitive Science program in the fall. Still looking for a place to rent...
  3. I will be going to school at MIT in the fall and need housing. I have heard rumors that there are cheaper places in the Kendall/MIT area, but on craigslist/boston.com have not been able to find anything. I would really prefer to be within walking distance from MIT, but a short commute would be ok too (so probably anything on the red line would be fine). I *really* would prefer a one-bedroom to myself, but am coming to realize that that might be impossible for a decent price ... any tricks/suggestions about good deals (other than "move to the suburbs"...:-/)? I could probably swing $1000/mo for rent but would prefer lower. Thanks...
  4. braingirl

    Bloomington, IN

    I am finishing up my undergrad at IU currently and have really enjoyed living in Bloomington. I know lots of professors/grad students who commute from small towns nearby (Bedford, Spencer, etc.), and I don't think it's really a problem. Driving on campus can be annoying, but any grad student can get decent parking and driving in the surrounding areas is cake. That said, I absolutely love living near-ish to "downtown" Bloomington. It's great not to have to drive and to be able to walk to nearby restaurants/etc. Although...there are lots and lots of undergrads living near me, which can get loud/old. However, the Brian Park area is not far away (one could walk if it's nice or bike really easily to campus) and is a much quieter/grad-student-friendly environment...
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