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  1. When you say "teaching experience" and "teaching evaluations" here, does this refer to only classes taught as instructor of record? Do they look at teaching evaluations where you served as a teaching assistant too and if so, is that weighted a lot less heavily than as an IOR if I'm aiming for a top LAC? Again, I really appreciate everyone's responses thus far.
  2. Thank you both for the thoughtful responses! Regarding TT jobs at PUIs: Would you say it would be be helpful to try to involve undergrads in my research at my institution currently? Is it also fair to say a lecturer position has a lower bar in most all of those aspects that you mentioned? Is service a component of the application? What other factors do you also think are considered (e.g. diversity, PhD institution, industry experience)? Obviously can't change those now but wondering if those could potentially hurt/help me. I'm not very inclined to do a post-doc after graduation and want to be a good spot then.
  3. Hi! Long-time lurker, first-time poster here. I'm currently about halfway in my program at a top 10 PhD program in stats and was wondering if anyone here could give any insights on getting a teaching-focused faculty position at a reputable school. From my understanding, it seems that there are two kinds of positions like this that exist: a lecturer (non-tenured) and teaching prof (tenure-track), both of which I don't really know much about. So in that respect, I had some questions on being able to secure this sort of position: 1. What do schools look for? I'm guessing this depends on whether it's a LAC vs. public research university (currently open to all options) and also whether this is a lecturer vs teaching prof position. Is it really just looking for applicants with a relevant PhD and good teaching evals / recs? 2. How competitive is it to obtain these positions in general / how can I prepare myself to be a competitive applicant? The bar obviously seems to be higher for a tenure-track teaching prof, where it seems like schools also want a solid publication record. 3. Are there any other notable differences that I'm missing between being a lecturer vs teaching prof (presumably the latter being tenure-track, getting less of a teaching load, more inflexible in doing outside projects like consulting)? Are there other positions out there that I'm missing?
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