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  1. I'm stuck on who to choose to write my LOR. I was involved in helping out a grad student at the University of Michigan. I am not sure if I should ask her or her advisor for a letter of rec. She can speak much more on my behalf because I worked with her constantly and I never really got the chance to see her advisor much, but his name is much more well known in the scientific community. How much does that matter? He is a very busy man, I am a little intimidated by him, and I recently went to a conference where I saw him quite a few times and they were awkward interactions in my opinion. I'm not really sure if I should ask him or not? Also, is it a bad idea to submit 4 LOR, instead of 3? I have been hearing that an extra doesn't hurt, but that it annoys admissions and gives them the opinion that the applicant can't follow directions. Thank you!
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