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  1. Parent Trap

    Think the GRE is useless? Think again.

    A combined 300 score is a standard cutoff for many universities, and it is usually a graduate college policy.
  2. Parent Trap

    Very sick with two important classes today

    People get sick. As long it's not a regular occurrence, faculty understand.
  3. Parent Trap

    Antioch U - Real School or Joke?

    What do placements look like? That's the real test.
  4. Parent Trap

    Dropping out on first year?

    Honestly, the faculty won't give a damn if the OP leaves. Maybe he/she (I'd guess a he) is too smart for the room. Apply for policy shops. Don't need a Ph.D. to work for one.
  5. Parent Trap

    Scare of an academic meeting

    As an advisor, I wouldn't be happy if my advisee was trying to duck me. It's not aggressive to ask someone their progress. Deal with it. As for your parents, I'd tell them to back off. I hope they are not contacting faculty, as I would be leery of allowing anyone to continue in my program if their parents are that involved.

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