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  1. This may be slightly off topic, but a number of people on this forum have mentioned that they have done technical writing work in the past. From reading posts here, I began to get the impression that technical writing is a relatively easy field to break into. But when I begin looking through job websites, it appears that basically every technical writing job, including the "entry level" ones, requires at least 2-5 years experience. My question for people who have done this work is, how did you find a place that would hire you? Are there specific sites with good listings? If you had no experien
  2. I was accepted to Utah's MA program and told there was no guaranteed funding. I suppose it is possible that some people get offered it and I didn't, but I was told that the funding has to go to PHD students first and that they wish they could do more for their MA students. I am aware it says that some MAs get funded on Utah's website, but from my experience this does not seem to be the case.
  3. Actually ended up turning down my MA offer here. Just sent the decline letter today. Hopefully someone on here will get in as a result.
  4. Here is another response to the original video, not made by me.
  5. Accepted to MA today via snail mail. No funding offered, but an emphasis in the letter that it is CU's goal to fund every student for at least one semester of the 2 year program with a teaching assistantship. Extremely likely I will take this offer. Good luck to everyone else waiting to hear. I live a few blocks from the CU campus and it took three days to reach my mailbox, so that is the mystical nature of the postal service for you.
  6. Anyone know if MA applicants were informed of acceptances today as well?
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