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  1. Hello, Recently me and my girlfriend were admitted to the same university in PhD programs and we're in the process of applying to the I-20 form. While my application came without any issues, her application is stuck in the part where you have to show sufficient funding for one year. Although her funding offer states she will have funding for 5 years, the funding she'll receive in her first year comes from TA during 2/3's of the year, which is shown in the offer. After that, her funding will depend on her working with a professor, and the amount she'll receive is not shown in the offer. My guess is that it won't be an issue, given that it's not the first time they have an international student in the program. However, in case it is an issue, how could she show the 1/3rd of funding remaining? Could this be an issue in the visa interview?
  2. So my SO and I are applying for PhD programs in the US, and one of her programs had Jan 15th as a deadline. She's still missing one LOR, which already was contacted and said she'll sent it tomorrow. However, based on the results search, early acceptances have already been sent. Is she screwed? I don't want to tell her and I'm freaking out on my own.
  3. Hello, anybody willing to exchange a draft of their SOP with me? I guess I could help with someone in Math/Applied Math/Stats/Biology, the areas I'm more related to. Thanks
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