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  1. Yep, I'm pretty a fast reader, especially when content is simple. Anyway, issue was resolved in my favor with the professor in question receiving a reprimand and removal from my thesis committee. Thank you to those who contributed ~constructive~ criticism.
  2. Again, have the decency to thourghly read what was originally stated before giving your, obviously biased, opinion. I've read through most of your other responses on this site and it appears you are only on here to troll. That being said, I am not going to wast my time defending my position or responding to your poorly contrived opinion
  3. I'm not sure why you are victim blaming, Sigaba. 1) if you've worked in government, you would understand that things are dealt with in a much more procedural manner. When faculty automatically takes the side of an undergraduate simply because they are undergrads, you get "out foxed". 2) I said that the professor in question made my admittance procedure seem as if he convinced every other member of the panel that he was soley responsible for my acceptance into the program. I did not claim that I received a single "yay". 3) the program has had internal issues with faculty behaviour in the past with reports only resulting in conflict. My only other option is to go to the dean. I made the choice to ask qualified individuals thier opinions before proceeding. 4) I guess for certain individuals to take my complaint seriously, I need to establish credibility. I would post a link to the article, but the way you are questioning my credibility make me wonder if you wouldn't use that information negatively. Honestly, your responce is both unessary and disrespectful.
  4. Thanks for the responces. I've worked hard to get where I am. having someone threaten my future careers options because of a report of bulying behavior made in confidentiality is, to put it mildly, both infuriating and bewildering.
  5. In our department, the graduate students are in charge of organizing undergraduates. Partially because of the way the program is instructed. We delegate jobs to ensure everything gets done. Our program is also a little different in that grads design and teach thier own courses and are part of staff and faculty. Either way, I asked that my concern be kept confidential and it was bought up publicly instead. Unfortunately, since he holds a position as head of the department, I feel that it would effect my job potential negatively.
  6. I'm not sure. So far, he has only been head of the department for 1 semester out 5. I have great recomendations from all of my proffesors on my thesis commitee in undergrad, all of whom are more established in the field than the professor in question. I will also have great recommendations from my thesis committee head, and former head of the department along with good recommendations from everyone else I work in my commitee. I also have a great recomendation from a goverment run art center after working as the museum preprator and serving on a planning commitee for city wide events. I'm worried about how much one negative letter of recommendation can have on my career
  7. Ok, specifically sought out this site to get some answers. I'm an my final year of an MFA program. I've been teaching my own classes for two of those years. While in grad school, I've maintained good academic standing, have invented a completely new technique that changes my field, been internationally published (first grad in my department) and will be speaking at an international convention. Anyway, We recently lost the head of the department and the individual responsible for the undergraduate program stepped up to fill the position. He treats our undergrads as if they are children, allowing them to put forth little effort with no consequences. Because of this, the grads are expected to pick the majority of the work maintaining the studios and facilitating activities for our guild. After losing my limmited studio time (for the umpteenth time) to making up work assigned to the undergrads, I ended up suggesting to that they step up to thier responsibilities in the program. One of them sent out an email to the entire department mocking me (we've had multiple complaints about this student in the past and issues with her disparaging the department on social media) . I forwarded it to our proffessors so they were aware of, what is essentially, bullying tactics. I made the request that it remain anonymous and that I not be involved further. So, the head of the department dealt with this publicly by announcing that I need to show more respect for the undergraduates. I was publiy punished for reporting behavior in confidentiality. The head of the department then went of to tell me that I shouldn't email about behavior I find concerning because it is "a record" and went on to threaten my letter of recommendation unless I "show respect" to this particular student, mentioning that he was the one who voted yay on my application I had worked in government before grad school and all of these actions raised a red flag in how it was handled. I'm beyond frustrated. I feel like I should address it with the drama, but I only have one semester to go. Any suggestions?
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