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  1. @WillYang thank you for the information. As well to @erpayo. All the imput provided by both of you will be key for our next time applying. I hope for all the rest of us -Who haven't heard more news since the meeting-, that we will still have a chance despite this -meh- scenario. All the best Xmas wishes
  2. Hello everyone. Has someone received an official -positive or negative- response form the NETI program communications? All the best!
  3. Hello. No news here either. While they might have contact @erpayo references (Congrats for that), remember officially the last part of the process is the interview: They might not event contact references in the whole process for everyone. We are to wait for the final response on the last week of December, let's not rush into any conclusions and keep a good vibe.
  4. ¡Of course! Keep it up. Nothing is certain until the last weeks of December.
  5. Thanks for the notice. No news from this side, any clue about what they where asked about? All the best.
  6. Quite good remarks and advices. Thank you. Do you happen to know what your references were asked ? All the best SG_2016
  7. Yes, I mean post-interview evaluation, but just guessing. I guess we could all be ready to notice our references to be aware. ¿Does anyone has confirmed with their references if they have been contacted? or what do they ask to them usually?
  8. Hello All. First of all, this blog has been quite useful, at least to know someone has been passing trough this anxiety just like me. So thank you all. I had the interview for NETI Communications already and they have not contacted my references. I will be waiting for their positive or negative reply in December. Indeed the whole process was quite demanding. I can also imagine they must cover a wide range of needs according to official languages, meaning it could be a critical criteria for the final selection. Remember interviews are taking place all along November, so maybe they are still in this process and that is why we haven't seen any other step further. Q: So lets suppose almost 1700 people applied and 50 are in the final round of interviews. Does anyone know historically how many are selected to join NETI?
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