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  1. Baltimore, MD

    Thanks! Would you recommend any particular commercial residence in Charles Village? Most of the apartments I saw had a rent of about $1000-$1200 including most utilities.
  2. Johns Hopkins University Spring 18

    Hi! Well I am still trying to get to know about the location as much as google allows me to, so any advice/tips regarding the area I should consider for my accommodation and in general tips regarding Hopkins would be great! Also, would you recommend getting a studio just for myself or sharing a room in a multiple bed apartment/ town homes?
  3. Baltimore, MD

    Hi guys, I'm planning to join JHU this Spring. Enrolling in the MSE in CS program. Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated. Would also appreciate any advice regarding the weather in the region. I'm coming from a coastal city so not at all used to winter. [international student]
  4. Hey, Anyone joining Johns Hopkins this Spring? I am planning to enroll in the MSE Computer Science Program. Would be great to get to know some of you! And it goes without saying that any advice about the location or program is greatly appreciated.