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  1. Waiting on my last reply and my last hope since I didn't get into my other schools Good thing is... I'm still waiting on my first choice and I had an interview with them! April: dun dun dun
  2. Check out Georgia Tech's Digital Media program. It has some of the biggest name faculty and is incredibly interdisciplinary with collaboration with the human-computer interaction program, psychology, architecture, music + technology etc. It's a great place to be if you are interested in digital media like games studies, interactive fiction, public design, augmented reality, etc. It has a strong mix of theory and practice and graduate students come from all types of backgrounds arts, literature, computer science, film, design, even mathematics! I've checked out all the other schools in the field (and related) and few compare. If you are interested in interactive fiction particularly... Georgia Tech has Janet Murray and Fox Harrell who are big thing poppin'. Also if you are a super nerd and love science fiction... it has a huge science fiction collection. Oh and Atlanta has everything you'd expect in a big city (arts, nightlife, happenings, +++great restaurants), but the cost of living is low.. low.. low.. so you can live comfortably if you don't have much money as a grad student. cheers. From an undergrad & masters Georgia Tech alum
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