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  1. US rankings may be a starting point!It can be fairly misleading and it may be true that the Person who is a big name in the field is PI in a smaller university! The other ranking metrics too give a fair insight! To better answer your question, either of these schools are not Ivy-League or Stanford, UC(B and SF),MIT or Hopkins. Probably closer in stature to Duke, UMich, UCSD in biomedical research. I am sure whether you choose North or South, both the 'West' are pretty solid schools and will make you a competitive applicant,basically you will not loose anything by choosing either of them!! I suppose it will boil down to Chicago vs Dallas or hot vs cold weather finally!
  2. Well the concept of Tier program is relative and as pointed out varies between programs! The exact words I told you was told to me by a former MD/PhD from UTSW. In academic circle,he mentioned UTSW has a good reputation.What that translates into industry-academic relationship and industry alone is something I have no idea either! And the reputation of UTSW I have heard are from Cardiology folks(as I mentioned before) so I am sure will be skewed as they have a stellar Cardiology bench program.If you are really concerned about the prestige of the school,I would ask mentor or postdoc for their opinion.On another note,you can also look into the career graph of the recent graduate from the school and make a broad guess about the success of the school!!
  3. Well, the department I work in Harvard-affiliate hospital is Cardiology and UTSW undoubtedly has among the top 5 programs in cardiology and related research (Brown, Goldstein,Hobbs, Eric Olsen, Joe Hill to name a few. lnfact the entire Editorial Board of Circulation has been shifted to UTSW from Boston).So my PI may be biased in his opinion as well. But overall, I have heard good things about UTSW and although it is not a top-tier school, I would like to believe that it comes high on the Tier-II schools. All the best with your choice!!
  4. Hi, I was offered an acceptance offer from UTSW and I did accept it. I was speaking to my current Mentor in Harvard and he seemed to think pretty highly of UTSW and insisted on taking up the offer. Well, I am interested in Cancer Biology too but I found UTSW wanting in areas related to cancer biology(in comparison to Harvard-affiliated hospitals I have been working for the past 3 years).But the words of my PI helped me a lot(I am an international student), so I accepted UTSW offer.I am fixated on working with a couple of their PIs and from the little I have heard they are expanding too! So overall,I am happy to choose UTSW but again I did not apply to Northwestern,so I may not have given a balanced perspective on the better of the two programs.
  5. Got an acceptance from UTSW GSBS today! That was my only interview this season!Relieved! Thank you so much guys/gals here for the information/support and insights!!
  6. Thank you so much for your reply!! I have emailed their program coordinator but no reply. I guess waiting game begins!! Thanks a lot!
  7. Sigh!! Another one bites the dust!! Thanks for the information Trashpanda!!
  8. Exactly my query with Columbia Cell and Molecular Biology (GSAS). Their application deadline was January 5th,so I was wondering anyone received interviews from them?
  9. Anyone heard from Baylor translational biology and molecular medicine or integrative molecular and biomedical sciences program? Their application deadline was January 1st so I was just hoping they are taking things slow.
  10. Thanks a lot for your valuable insight. I know UTSW has a stellar medical School and some of their Residency/Fellowship programs are among the top 10 in the country. It is great to know that their biomedical research is well-regarded as well. Hope the interview goes well.
  11. I have my interview on 1st February. Considering it to be the first and only one interview I have this season, I was just freaking out. Thanks a lot for your input. When is yours scheduled if you do not mind sharing? Also since it's Skype interview and I notice your location as Texas, I was wondering if you have any insights about the program and the reputation of UTSW as a whole? Sorry if I sound naive, I know for sure their cardiovascular department is stellar and the place I work in Boston really has high regards for it. I was just wondering about the overall reputation of the Graduate school in general. Thanks a lot.
  12. Does anybody know the Post-interview acceptance rate of UT Southwestern? Thanks a lot,
  13. Which Hopkins program is this? Is it Cell and Molecular Medicine? Thanks,
  14. Hi, Did anyone hear anything from 1. Baylor Translational and Molecular Medicine 2. John Hopkins Cellular and Molecular Medicine (are they done sending interview invitations) 3. John Hopkins Pathobiology 9could not get any information from the coordinator office) 4. University of Pennsylvania Immunology 5. Columbia Cell and Molecular Biology Thanks a lot,
  15. Is it the Columbia GSAS Cell and Molecular Biology Program?
  16. So JHU Pathobiology is done sending interviews?
  17. Received my first interview from UTSW!! I hope it turns the tide!! Thanks everyone for their support!!
  18. Rejection from M3D in University of Washington!!
  19. Thanks Bioenchilada!! I did not knew about this aspect of the funding when I applied.My PI is MD/PhD and never warned me of that. The reason I wanted to pursue PhD was because I wanted to shift my focus to Immunology and felt it a safer bet to go back to the drawing board and get a PhD. Now that you bring the question of pre-doctoral funding,I feel a bit naive not to check these things before jumping the gun.
  20. Rejection from Yale Immunology!! So 3 programs gone. Yale Immunology, Harvard BBS, Cornell CMB. I am wondering whether the others sent their rejection already? Applied to 9 programs..Now feeling the application season is over!! Probably will be left high and dry. Any ideas how to improve CV for next year? Thanks
  21. Hi, Any updates from Immunology from 1)Yale 2) JHU Any news from Cell and Molecular Biology from Columbia? Thanks a lot!!
  22. Anyone having any idea about Yale BBS/Immunology? Have all interview invitations been sent? What happened to UW M3D? Anyone heard back anything from them? Any news about JHU and UPenn Immunology? Thanks,
  23. Rejection from Cornell Biochemistry, Molecular And Cellular Biology course!! So 2/9 rejections.
  24. Otinogonnyo

    Harvard BBS

    Hi Everyone, Congratulations on receiving Harvard BBS interview invites. I am one of the less fortunate ones, so I was wondering whether people who has received interviews can share the part of their credentials which are 'modifiable' (like GRE Scores, Publications, Posters, Letters), so that it can aid the application process of next year applicants. Thanks again for your time. I really appreciate it. All the best with your interviews!!
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