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  1. Rajashik

    Tax Rate on PhD stipend

    Thanks a lot.
  2. Rajashik

    Tax Rate on PhD stipend

    I was basically trying to figure out the after-tax stipend I would receive. I have been offered a 34000$ stipend from a California school.
  3. Rajashik

    MIT Admission Results

    Some Physics Results have already started arriving. So i am wondering if my one is there too.
  4. Rajashik

    MIT Admission Results

    There is simply no link that I can find so far. It is weird that I get the message after logging in.
  5. Rajashik

    MIT Admission Results

    There is a message in my account that reads' Your application is considered complete! To check your admission result, you can log into your online account now. The results will be posted rather than mailed.' However, I dont know where to check. Anyone with an idea?
  6. Rajashik

    Astrophysics: Feasibility of schools selected

    Thank you for this detailed response. It helped me frame my thoughts much better. I had looked at a few schools you suggested but not all of them. I shall study them further. Thank you again.
  7. Hello, I am a student from India applying for astrophysics programs in the US. My profile is as below CGPA - 9.24/10.00 GRE- 162(V)/170(Q)/5(AWA) PGRE- 950 1 publication with low author ranking 1 publication submitted as the first author 1 manuscript under preparation as first author 1 Patent Under Review 2 Scholarships 4 Awards 1 Popular Award 1 Best Paper Award Over 2 years of Research Experience at research groups in India and Europe. 2 strong recommenders. 1 recommender is internationally acclaimed. My current choice of schools: Harvard Stanford Princeton MIT UC Santa Barbara Columbia Chicago Caltech UC Berkeley I also have two safe schools for which I am mostly confident. Am I being too ambitious in the choice of above schools? Can you suggest other programs?

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