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  1. My apologies but I don't think I can properly assess anyone's chance for admission as I am also applying for Fall 2018.
  2. I have several friends (international applicants) who did not take the subject test but were admitted to their chosen institutions.
  3. Did you notify him that he would be writing you a letter prior to application? Anyway, it may be a good idea to look for someone more available at this moment who can also attest your research potential.
  4. Undergrad/Grad Institution: Top universities in my country (Southeast Asia)Major(s): BSc Chemistry/MSc ChemistryMinor(s): n/aGPA in Major: 1.34 (BSc)/ 1.18 (MSc) on the scale of 1.00Overall GPA: 1.37 (BSc)/ 1.60 (MSc)Position in Class: rank 1 in my program, 8th out of 2,000 graduates (BSc)/ unknown (MSc)Type of Student: InternationalGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 163 (84)V: 153 (61)W: 3.5 (42)S: 850 (89)*not the best scores, but it was the best I could get with my available time.* Research Experience: 4 different research projects in material science (Analytical/Physical Chemistry) 1 summer internship abroad Awards/Honors/Recognitions: magna cum laude merit based university scholarship national agency research grantee Pertinent Activities or Jobs: 6 years full-time chemistry instructor for undergraduate coursesAny Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: 1 first author (out of 3) publication in an international peer-reviewed journal (IF~5) 2 conference proceedings 1 poster presentation in an international institution 1 oral presentation in a local conference 1 oral presentation in an international conference Special Bonus Points: Co-founded a start-up that has been a big thing in its industry in my country *I'm not sure how adcoms will see this* Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: First generation college graduate(?) Applying to Where: UNC Chapel Hill - PhD Analytical Chemistry UCLA, MIT, Harvard - PhD Physical Chemistry *Hahahaha! Yes, I'm overly ambitious.* Good luck to all!
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