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  1. WillYang

    UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    @erpayo Have you heard anything from UNICEF since being placed into the talent group? Just curious, because I haven't heard anything since that last e-mail on 12/26.
  2. WillYang

    UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    Thanks @Markee and @jeyjey ! Don't get discouraged, and happy 2018 to you all!
  3. WillYang

    UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    Hi all, I have received the result of my final interview from NETI, and am now being assigned to the P3 communication's talent pool. My online portal's status has also been updated to "assigned to talent pool." Maybe you all can check your portal to see if the status has been updated or not. The waiting game is still on though, as many of those who have gone through the same process last year are still not being offered a position.
  4. WillYang

    UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    Hi all, Thanks for sharing the updates here as they have been very helpful to me personally. I applied to NETI's communication specialist track in early August, and 3 of my references have received the instruction to fill out the reference check form on November 28th. And then for some reason, they called two of my references again just two days ago to ask more questions. My ex boss said that it seems like they are close to making decisions. Let's keep the hope up and I wish we all receive some good news soon!

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